Before we call it a year


Well, it’s that time of the year when excitement to get something new fills the air. New hopes, new promises, or simply new resolutions that are future frills to keep us happily engaged.

But then before we put our foot forward to step in 2015, how about taking account of the year spent. Here are some quick ideas of what you may want to check.

I count on you – Take a count on who all affected your life, added value or contributed to you in just anyway. If they touched your life positively or helped you learn something from the experience you shared with them, then its time to have their name in your “thank you list”. Brushing through your social network is certainly a mandate. You may also want to let go the ones who choose to stay away from you all year long for unmentioned reasons…Well just a thought.

Skill-review – Take a dip check on the skill inventory, on the new talents acquired by you or the ones you planned to develop, but gave a miss due to the busy-busy schedule. Would you consider gaining some expertise in the upcoming year?


Fulfillment status – How about a check on what all resolutions were fulfilled and how many were turned down.. Well who doesn’t know that these resolutions are truly notorious to keep? Perhaps some need a revised goal and some are no more important.


Health is wealth – Too many of us end up spending all our health to gain wealth and when we have it all we end up spending more to regain it.. Hence a yearly check on how healthy you are and the pro-active approach to keep yourself fit is a must, what say?


And Wealth is certainly Wealth – For all the spinning around you did throughout the year, were you compensated well or should you find alternate ways to grow some money around?



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