Who’s running the show – you or your clock ?

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Freedom of working from home drew many of us to the Freelancing world. Flexibility of taking up passion, getting to be our own boss, working our own hours, undoubtedly offers attractive options to pursue. But once plunged into, it is needless to say, all boils down to survival. And quality is the imperative demand.


Quite obviously, quality output demands investment of quality time. But time is what will never be on our side. How often we see ourselves constantly up against the clock, rushing from task to task? We always end up wanting just a little more time to research or make sure that the project is in shape. And that little time is always impossible to find. The ongoing battle of managing work/life balance, never end unless we learn to be self-disciplined. And that self-discipline helps us pull through those juggling games.   To bring out the best result from the available hours of a day we need to redesign and re-structure our working style.


  • Schedule it

Scheduling the three main tasks, thinking, acting and conversing – As humans, we tend to end up trapped in a chain of thoughts but a little of conscious effort to mend our thinking process can help set us up new boundaries. The new perspective can lessen our stress thereby saving our time. Conversations, be it an email or over the telephone or a text message, can be kept crisp and short.


  • Productive hours

Each of us has productive hours of a day in different rhythms. Some find energy picking up once the sun rises, while some in the evening hours. And for some it is in the calm of the night. Follow those rhythms.


  • Work on plans

For freelancers, planning, organizing, persistence, dedication and prioritizing are prerequisites.  Each day starts off with good set of plans. But as the day advances, we see our plans going haywire. We simply fail to realize that we are stuck in the grind of routine. Getting into a consistent work groove sounds cool, but sometimes, the dull mundane can drain off our motivation, thereby leaving us frustrated.   A little tweak and short breaks can help things fall into places.


  • Avoid distractions

A scenario that repeats quite too often is distraction. Being a little proactive can definitely minimize distractions adding on to your hours of quality time


  • Partner up

Teaming up with family members and keeping them in the loop, managing becomes a lot easier and can leave you with enough of time to focus on potential projects.


Well, life has never been easy for someone who care’s to achieve more and live completely. However practicing these simple concepts in our day-to-day routine, we can surely be the master of our time.


Share your time management secrets that have helped you in your free lancing world.

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